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Off-season news crumbles (17/11)

Just because it's off-season now doesn't mean there aren't all kinds of fun little random stuff we could discuss. So, let's see what has happened lately.


The end of \0/?

Leif Hoste is not getting a new contract at Accent Jobs. His 39 race days in 2012 were marred by illness and injury, totalling absolutely zero VDS and 44 CQ points. could thus be the retirement of Leif?

The mystery of Gianni

Gianni Meersman has left Lotto-Belisol for an as of yet unidentified team. His contract wasn't up, but he used yet another UCI loophole to get out because Lotto don't have their WT ticket (yet). Like I said, we don't know where he's going - he says has 'an oral agreement' and that his new team is 'definitely an improvement'. His dad is fleet manager or logistics guy or something like that at the Shack though, so my money's on them.

The aerodynamics of Jelle

Lotto have been working with EnergyLab, the training centre of Paul Van den Bosch, coach of Sven Nys to improve the aeordynamics of their riders. Basically, they discovered that the really good ITT dudes - Cance, Wiggo, Froomedog - have the same optimal angle between their torso and their elbows. They're testing at the Ghent tracks and then on the Zolder race circuit, and Jelle believes that if he can improve his time trial, he could top 10 at the Tour. On verra!

So, that's something to get us started. Please add your own crumbles in the comments!

Picture by Nicodême