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Wilier Triestina to sponsor Team Vanderkitten and Team Exergy

Italian bike manufacturer, Wilier, to sponsor two US-based teams in 2013.

Courtesy of Wilier Blog

Wilier Triestina, the Italian bicycle manufacturer, announced today that it will sponsor Vanderkitten and Team Exergy next season.

This is the first time that Wilier has sponsored a US-based team, and the company considers it a “significant investment in development and promotion of competitive cycling”.

“Clearly, it has been a tumultuous year for the sport of cycling, however, at Wilier, we wanted to send a clear message: the sport is beautiful; it is comprised primarily of good, hardworking people; and we will continue to support and learn from competitive cycling at the highest levels on a global basis,” stated Angelo Cilli, President of Wilier USA in a press release.

In addition to sponsoring the Team Exergy and Team Vanderkitten, Wilier will also work with Team Columbia.

Cilli said Wilier’s growing, global promotional efforts complement the company’s increasingly global business and growing sales.

In the coming season we will see Team Exergy return to the UCI Continental ranks for their third straight year with many returning riders from 2012 as well as new talent.

“Wilier’s history and commitment to racing are well known, but I think their commitment to advancing technology has never been more evident than in the last few years. The innovation that they have brought to market with SEI film, BB386EVO and the aerodynamic features of the Twin Blade and Blade are industry leading and will be a distinct advantage for the team in 2013,” stated Exergy team Manager Remi McManus.

Aside from its results, Wilier chose to sponsor Team because of their mission: “Since 2005, Vanderkitten has been committed to spreading awareness of women excelling, battling the odds and achieving. Vanderkitten has evolved into an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of successful women and inspiring women by sharing those stories”.