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Koksijde World Cup... LIVE

This is the race of the season: welcome to an epic (yet short) afternoon of sandy fun.

Type: SAND
Previous podium: Nys, Pauwels, Aernouts (cup) / Albert, Peeters, Pauwels (champs)
TV: Sporza

Koksijde is THE race of the season. It's like RVV and TdF and the Giro and PR and espresso all rolled into one. Koksijde is a coastal town, and the race is on the beach (well technically it's in the dunes) which is great. Have you ever tried to ride a bike in sand? I haven't, but that's mostly because I don't own a straight-jacket. In the world cup last year, there was polemica in the Nys-Pauwels sprint, with Pauwels (and Fientje) pointing fingers at Nys; and at the world champs later in the year the entire Belgian seven men strong team placed one to seven. Because we're just that good. Koksijde: awesomesauce.

Map (pdf map - or a thread about the world champs parcours last year)

And now, for some musical fun.