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Superprestige Gieten... LIVE

Wasn't yesterday amazing? Hopefully today will be just as cool, but somehow I doubt that.

Zdenek Stybar at Gieten, 2011
Zdenek Stybar at Gieten, 2011
Balint Hamvas (

25: Gieten (SP)

Type: meadow. flat
Previous podium:Nys, Pauwels, Peeters
TV: Vier

The day after the glorious insanity of Koksijde, we move countries all the way up to the north of Holland. Where it can be cold at the end of November. We didn't get too much of it last year, but I really hope for lots of snow races. Especially in Gieten, which can be a bit dull if there is snow nor rain. I mean, there is one section which loops more than a rollercoaster on acid, but the rest is straight ahead through fast grassland.

Website (presented by the year 1993)
Map (vers plaatje)

The women had their race already, and Helen Wyman beat Marianne Vos and Sanne Cant. That must be so cool, to be able to say you beat Marianne Vos. OK, it was her first race back and the girl got second, but still.


Picture: Balint Hamvas,