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Running up that hill: Zonhoven cx

Zonhoven, sunny gardens. Few times in history has a name been less apt. Sunny is not exactly the weather we've been having lately, more like cloudy and rain. Which is awesome, as far as cx is considered. And gardens? Good luck trying to grow something here.

Balint Hamvas

Maybe it's history repeating itself. A bazillion years ago, this area was covered in prehistoric waters, crawling with prehistoric beasts. After a while the seas withdrew and what they left behind was loads and loads of sand. What happened to the beasts is another story, possibly for when I write Jurassic Park V. Or VI. What number are they at these days?

Anyway. Sand. Zonhoven is lousy with sand. And also, hills. Which is a really super combo, with crazy descents where there'll be lots of crashes (on soft sand, luckily) and really insane climbs where everyone is basically going up on all fours.

So, who do you think will get it? King Kop? Yoah, the hero of the past season? Albert, the world champ? Or someone else altogether?

Picture by Balint Hamvas,