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Zonhoven Superprestige... LIVE

Time for craziness!

Balint Hamvas

Type: sand. crazytown. monster downhill.
Previous podium: Albert, Nys, Pauwels
TV: Vier

Have you recovered from the madness that is Koppenberg yet? No? That is unfortunate, because Zonhoven is even more bonkers. It's a sand race, around a giant arena created by a natural sandpit. The descents are super crazy, the ascents are so steep the riders pretty much crawl up on all fours. Ask me for my top five favourite races, and Zonhoven is in it. Easily. So is Koppenbergcross incidentally, so this is really an awesome cx week.

YouTube (home video to really show you what it's like and on-board with Jan Denuwelaere)

Current SP ranking

1. Sven Nys 15 ptn
2. Niels Albert 14
3. Kevin Pauwels 13
4. Klaas Vantornout
5. Tom Meeusen 11

Picture by Balint Hamvas,