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Bloody Hell: Wiggins Hit By Car, Possible Broken Ribs

Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins is nursing injuries from a training accident with a car

Spencer Platt

Sky's Bradley Wiggins, arguably the year's most successful cyclist, lies in a hospital bed near his home in the nortwest of England after colliding with a car and possibly suffering fractured ribs and other injuries. The story, running on CyclingNews, is that a driver collided with the Tour de France and Olympic gold medalist after pulling out of a gas station, sending Wiggins to the ground in significant pain. The article states that Wiggins moved himself to a safe spot to wait for an ambulance, suspecting broken ribs and injuries to his hand and wrist.

Sky are already sending out word via Twitter that Wiggins' injuries are "not life threatening," that he is staying overnight in the hospital "for observation," and that he can be expected to make a full recovery. So there's that, which is excellent under the circumstances. Less certain is whether the injuries are severe enough to upset his training calendar, but at least he has timing on his side, with most cyclists taking a short holiday from the bike prior to gearing up for the 2013 European road calendar.

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