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Niel jaarmarktcross... LIVE

Time for some muddy fun!

Type: meadow, mostly. one steep hill. pretty straightforward race..
Previous podium: Albert, Nys, Pauwels
TV: Sporza

The jaarmarktcross (year market cross) is a standalone one but a pretty prestigious one, mostly because for the past 60 years or so, they've had the world champion take part. Most standalone races, this one included, let the U23 race alongside the elite men, which is pretty cool because it means you can play spot-the-talent. The race itself is fairly bereft of special gimmicks: there are long, straight stretches and one hill. That's pretty much it.

But, in a bit of a retro special, the organisers of the Niel jaarmarktcross will use haybales to jump over rather than beams. Fun times!

Map (last year's tech guide. scroll down to page 7)
YouTube (full Sporza episode. In HD. Gosh, wonder what I did the past hour and a half)