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Leuven cx... LIVE

A standalone one, this thing. Just something to tide us over til next weekend... NAMUR WEEKEND (and also Essen).

Type: grass, forest
Previous podium: Nys, Peeters, Mourey
TV: Vier, 15h

Albertina was there, so she can probably tell us more. I was supposed to be there too, but I was really untimely ill. Damn germs. Anyway, in Leuven we yet again race on a military domain (at least they have some use this way). It's a 1/4 grass, 3/4 forest race, and there's a tricky descent on forest sand and an even trickier climb back up, where everyone is crawling rather than walking (never mind running. or cycling). Last year was the first edition and, to be honest with you, I'm not sure I really remember much of it. Then again, I did have a fever.


BUT! Last week during the Scheldecross course builder Erwin Vervecken said there were a lot of changes to this race this year. So, maybe it'll be better this year?

PS - when you read this I'm somewhere in the sound of Belgium getting drunk with friends far, far away from the internet, so you'll have to do your own translating. Good luck! Aupa Sven!