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Um... Look Who's Rocking Twitter!

Two PdC Stalwarts, that's who.

I so love having free time again. When you're busy you can tell yourself things like "Oh, Nys won again, so it's OK I didn't have time to watch that race." Basically, if it's not an emergency, I haven't been blogging it in the last month. Hell, I've struggled to keep up with reading the Cafe, let alone anything else.

But things are slowly pointed in the direction of "normal" again, and I can reacquaint myself with all the fun little details of the sport of Cycling. I can read my Twitter feed, where the Sideburned One expresses amusement with a CN article about his and other people's twitter habits... and where I can discover this:


1 Jonathan Vaughters: @Vaughters 41.6%
2 Not Pat McQuaid: @UCI_Overlord 14.8
3 the Inner Ring: @inrng 13.6
4 Race Radio: @TheRaceRadio 8.4
5 David Walsh: @DavidWalshST 6.13
6 Gerard Vroomen: @gerardvroomen 6.09
7 Nyvelocity: @nyvelocity 3.81
8 Michele Acquarone: @micacquarone 2.88
9 Sarah Connolly: @_Pigeons_ 2.27
10 fmk: @fmk_RoI 0.48

Um, that's some nice company. Two PdC editors make the top ten, just behind the director of the Giro d'Italia. Respect!

Twitter popularity, like our women's coverage and the Cafe Bookshelf, is the product of hard work and a voice other people consider worth listening to. Anyone who reads Sarah or fmk here would hardly be surprised to find them succeeding over there. I'm certainly not. But it's still very cool.