PdC Secret Santa - the grand opening thread!

So, we've seen photos of some people's well-fondled packages (hint: if you've got yours, and you haven't already, POST PHOTOS HERE!!!!) so now it's time for the Secret Santa instructions!

The Grand Opening will be on 24th December, wherever you are. If you want company while you open yours, put the time you'll open it in the thread (in Euro time) and I'm sure people will gather around for mass ooooh-ing and aaaah-ing!

BUT!!! Make sure you have a camera/cameraphone to hand, so you can take a photo and post it in the thread - it's traditional!

If any Santees haven't received their gifts yet, well, that's because your Santas and their elves were lazy preoccupied with real life - don't worry, I'm sure they'll turn up at some stage - you can do your unwrapping here later!

That all makes sense, doesn't it? So crack open the eggnog, mull the wine, have a happy festive season, whatever you're celebrating!

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