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It's time for battle: let the fight for the Citadel begin!

Yeah! It's time for the World Cup in Namur, one of the greatest races of the season. It's surely the hilliest of the season, bordering on MTB terrain. To make things better, Belgium's gotten so much rain in the past 24 hours that parts of the countries are flooding. Celebrate!

23: Namur (WC)

Previous podium: Nys, Albert, KVT
TV: Sporza, 15h

The World Cup leg in Namur - or, the Citadelcross - is another highlight of the season. If you have to choose between Essen or Namur, pick Namur. Definitely pick Namur. The Citadelcross is incredibly hilly, with a course bordering on mountainbike. The climbs are steep - very steep - and the descents are swift and tricky. And all this in a forest with rocks and treeroots abound.