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'Cross in the dark - SuperPrestige Diegem 2012

Are you ready for the last cyclocross race of 2012? Join us to chat through the floodlit race

Sunday 30th December 2012, 17:30 CET

It's the last cyclocross race of 2012 - and it's not just muddy, but raced in the dark!

Here's what GS had to say in her calendar:

This is one just for the Americans - with a start time two and a half hours later than normally. You're welcome guys. Diegem is special mostly because it's raced in the dark, under floodlights. That's the major obstacle, darkness. As for the course itself, it's pretty straightforward: forest, sand, gravel, hills, beams, grass... a little bit of everything, and all that in the dark.

It's a Superprestige race, so are obligingly streaming it for us here

Here's the current SuperPrestige standings, with 3 races left, including this one:

1 Sven Nys 74
2 Niels Albert 63
3 Kevin Pauwels 61
4 Klaas Vantornout 58
5 Bart Aernouts 51
6 Rob Peeters 44
7 Lars van der Haar (NED) 42
8 Bart Wellens 38

And here's the course map: