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A Brief Announcement: Welcome Jens!


No, this is not a typo. Our very own Jens, long-suffering PdC community pillar, manager of live chats, source of endless humor, opinion and chatter, and possible master sous-chef with a specialty in cycling mascots, has joined our editorial team for the 2013 season, and beyond!

Now I know what you're saying. Swedes still follow cycling? Wasn't he already an editor? Well, we have our team of editors, people who pitch in when they can, in the manner they prefer, and with a regularity that is beyond that which is expected of the rest of the membership, and Jens has long held down the fort here in that capacity. What you may not know is that Jens is also one of the key behind-the-scenes thinkers about the daily direction of the site, as well as someone we consult frequently on upcoming stuff. There is quite a bit of that stuff, and with Jen having departed we desperately needed another official editor to do the things Jen was doing. It made excellent sense to bring on someone who was practically covering those duties anyway.

What this means: we are back to a triumvirate, with me, Douglas and Jens being your three main points of contact. Some of the details have yet to be sorted out, and this isn't a great month for detail sorting, but to the extent we need to create points of contact for one particular subject or another, we'll let you know. Obviously Jens is in Europe, which means that you not only have someone you can contact while Douglas and I are still asleep, but now he'll be less inclined to ignore you. Of course, Jens is as likely to be available as anyone else (maybe, maybe not), but you can try.

I am really grateful to all the work Jens has done over the years here at the Cafe, and am doubly glad to have him move into a recognized and official capacity. This is an early Christmas/Sepmas/Hanukkah gift to Douglas and me. Yay!