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Scheldecross... LIVE

Hello! Welcome to Antwerp. It's cold in Belgium right now, lemme tell you.

Scheldecross 2011.
Scheldecross 2011.
Balint Hamvas (

From Dansel's terrific preview:


We head to the north of Belgium for this one, racing over in Antwerp on the banks of the Schelde River. And this course is always a fun one to watch because there is sand. No, not sand like Koksijde, but still plenty of it.

What does GS have to say?

The Scheldecross is in Antwerp, on the banks of the Schelde river, and is really very fun. It's one of my favorite races of the season, even though it's not part of any of the three series. There's a very fun off-camber sand section, and then there's other sand sections as well, so all in all: good times. Last year, it rained so much in the week before that they had to change up the course for fear of it being flooded during high tide. Oh, and the octopus obstacle was really cool too.

We don't have video from last year, but we do from 2010... when it was snowy. Hopefully tomorrow will look just like this.