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Friday Review: Remember what we did last week?

Red Ferrari F430 Scuderia fr 2008

It's Friday. Really! It is! I know my days of the week, and I know that right now, it's so totally Friday. And that means review time. Do you remember what we did last week? Don't worry, I'm here with this handy cheat sheet to help you remember. Because I'd hate to think of you going forward through life with no recollection of this week.

We did a preview of the Amgen Tour of California from a Ferrari. Also, we went shopping on Rodeo Drive. Now, we have no money, but we had a fabulous time.

We did a lot of drugs. No, not those kind of drugs, though who knows what might have happened at the clubs after we went shopping on Rodeo Drive. First, federal investigators closed the Lance Armstrong case.

Then, Contador got a two year ban. Also, Contador held a press conference. And, we made snark. Because that's what we do best. Jan Ullrich also got a two-year ban. But we're still not quite sure what for. Jan... who?

Days of the Dope, that's what I'm saying. After all that dope, it's no wonder we don't remember anything.

We learned about the Gent-Wevelgem finale and the Ronde van Vlaanderen course.

Last, but certainly not least, we tried to pick teams for our FSA directeur sportif teams. Why should you play the women's game? Because I said so. Don't know anything about women's racing? Jens is here to help with some race knowledge.

Alright! That's what we did. Next week? We'll do s'more. The Tour of Oman is up next!

photo, morten schwend from berlin, flickr, creative commons.