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FSA DS: One To Go! One To Go!



Been stalling on making your team? Well don't delay much longer:

  • Deadline for women's teams is next Wednesday Tuesday, 9pm Pacific time.
  • Deadline for men's teams is next Friday, 9pm Pacific.

These deadlines reflect the fact that the first event on the respective calendars is the next day. For the women, that would be the Tour of New Zealand, followed by the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday. Basically, all of the stars of women's cycling will be in one place or the other by the end of next week! For the dudes, our traditional opener is always (and will be forever more) the Omloop. Picture your guys in a four-man breakaway, steaming for Gent, with nobody to chase them down. Or maybe that sounds a bit too much like Rabobank for comfort. Anyway, it'll be fun.

So don't miss out. Once the deadline passes entries are closed until next year! Want to learn more? Start with the Intro Post and go from there. Or really, if you are already a registered member of the Podium Cafe, just head straight to the FSA DS game site and start playing! Or click on FSA Directeur Sportif in the sections box below the site logo for oodles of strategy chats. Really, there are a million ways to win, and someone here will explain pretty much each one. Good luck!