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Milano-Sanremo: Same As It Ever Was

According to a brief update from Tuttobiciweb, Milano-Sanremo will run over the same course as it did in 2011. Apparently, there was some disgruntled murmurings in Italy, because the organizers had not made any announcements. Well, says the RCS, we really don't have a great deal to announce.

The Milano-Sanremo course remains the same as it was the past few years, which means it will include the le Manie climb, which organizers added a few years ago in an effort to make the race a little harder for the sprinters. The move seemed to work, and the race has evolved from the pure sprint fest it was into a more attacking affair.

The finale of La Classicissima remains the same as last year, too. The race hits the Cipressa, and the Poggio. Then, it's a long, straight run-in along the ocean to the finish. There is often a headwind in these final kilometers and in the past few editions there's been some exciting racing. Fabian Cancellara's counter off Samuel Sánchez in 2008 is one of my personal favorites.

Milano-Sanremo finishes on the Lungomare Italo Calvino, which pretty much makes me want to read If On a Winter's Night a Traveller every year. In 2011, Australian sprinter Matthew Goss won Milano-Sanremo ahead of Fabian Cancellara and Philippe Gilbert.