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Video: Clara Hughes interview on mental health, Right To Play and much more!

This is a fantastic interview - Clara Hughes is a massive superstar, who won two bronze medals in cycling at the 1996 Summer Olympics, then a gold, silver and bronze in speed skating at Winter Olympics over 2002-10. She's back cycling on the roads, coming fifth in the 2012 World Champs Time Trial, and riding with Specialized-lululemon for 2012, aiming at another Olympic medal in London this year. She's a super-talented athelete, but she's also an advocate for mental health issues and a tireless supporter of charities. Here's a recent Canadian tv interview where she talks about her own mental health, the Let's Talk campaign, Right To Play, and much more. Watch it, it's a good one!

(Yes, yes, I'm gushing, probably a bit too much, but I really recommend watching all of this! She always comes across as very likeable, very honest. And thanks a million to Lyne at Podium Insight, who tweeted it first!)