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Flanders and Roubaix Live on NBC Sports Network

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My goal of world domination winning a CX race seeing the Tour of Flanders live on American broadcast TV is ever closer to reality. NBC Sports Network is planning to show the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix live via their cable and online sources. [Full schedule here.] This is a step up from the last round of Versus, since gobbled up by NBC, which showed the races on tape delay. I am all for tape-delay, but that doesn't mean you need to squander the far more exciting spectacle of live racing in favor of a pre-recorded fishing infomercial.

[Adding, sponsorship by Competitive Cyclist made it happen, apparently.]

Anyway, apart from the move to live, and the move to a network which could throw a single switch and send it to every TV in America for free, there's this:

The Tour of Flanders is a Flanders Classics road cycling race held in Belgium every spring, a week before the Paris-Roubaix road race. It is part of the UCI ProTour and one of the so-called monuments of the European professional calendar, and contributes to the UCI World Ranking points. It is the most important cycling race in Belgium and, along with Paris-Roubaix, the world's most important cycling race held on a single day.

Um, can I get a hell yeah!!? Finally, someone understands us. And they have a nationwide broadcasting license!