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FSA Directeur Sportif: How's It Coming?

Fsa-ds_medium Last week we launched the 2012 version of our in-house Directeur Sportif yearlong fantasy game, welcoming our new sponsor, Full Speed Ahead. A week into the competition, I can't reveal too much, but I can tell you a few things:

  • There are some 400 teams either submitted or in progress so far. That's mostly on the dudes side. Don't forget, once you have set up a login, you don't need anything more to make a women's team too.
  • Of the 1156 riders listed, y'all have collectively picked 437 different dudes from 42 countries. On the women's side, you've gone with 146 of the 809 riders listed.
  • Team Somarriba leads the women's competition in the Past Performance is No Indication category, with Revolutions out to an early lead on the dudes side. Smy Team holds the distinction of having 18 guys in the 1-2 point category, a record (for now).
  • The Contador Affair will have no impact on the game. I suppose we could have reconsidered his price, but it's too late, and honestly I don't know that it would come down much. The salient point is, unlike the UCI, once we launch our competitions, we're not too inclined to revise the rules.
  • Deadline Day for the Men's FSA-DS is February 24 at Noon 9pm Pacific time. That's two weeks from this Friday, a/k/a Omloop Eve. For the Women it's February 22, 9pm Pacific owing to the first event of the calendar happening on the 23rd. Plenty of time if you haven't gotten started, but don't snooze too long. Remember, just because you made your roster doesn't mean you're in. For that, you have to take the formal step of submitting it.
  • Any other questions? Read more in our intro post or check out the rules page.
My squadra, on the flip...

Here's my Men's team so far:


Not too shabby, huh? Next I gotta get started on the vrouwen...