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FSA-DS: Just When Things Couldn't Get Any Awesomer...

... they do. Go to the game site, login, click on "My Team" and look at the bottom of the page. Are you there yet? I'll wait.

Hm hm hm... waiting. Daydreaming...


You back yet? Good...

Fsa-ds_mediumAre you tired of lagging behind hundreds of others? Has your team's slow start robbed you of your self-esteem as a Directeur Sportif? Well, thanks to Superted, the FSA DS now features a tool for you to make up your own private sub-league! Each player can create one sub-league of your friends, family, etc... whoever you relish the thought of challenging! Instead of losing to a bunch of Dutch guys you've never met like every year, you can now set the bar as low or as high as your psyche requires! Gin up your own league names, prizes, etc.

The how-to is simple: Use the search function at the bottom of the page (labeled "add DS or Team to my subleague") to locate teams you'd like to compare yourself with, entering in any part of their DS or team name. Then click on the little green + symbol and Presto! You're in a league. This works for both the Men's and Women's competitions.

A couple privacy notes:

  • Only you can see your sub-league. If you want to talk about it in comments or taunts fanposts, that's fine, fun, etc. But you have the right to keep your competitions to yourselves.
  • If you create a sub-league, the teams you add to it won't see it themselves. For example, I created a family league with my brother and two kids. [I suppose I should add Drew, though I'll still be sitting in last.] But when they login, they won't see the league I created. Rather, they can ignore it or if they like the sub-league, they can create the same one and share in the madness. Again, the point is that nobody has control over anyone else's activities.
  • Oh, and choose wisely. Your page only has space for one sub-league.

Technical note: It has been tested successfully in all browsers on Mac OS X. As for Windows OSs, I have used Firefox and Ted has checked it out in Explorer 8. It didn't work in Chrome / Windows and there are some later versions where it hasn't been tested. [Update: Win/Chrome works!] Take-home message: if you're having trouble, try another browser. Almost certain you'll find one that works.