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Nokere-Koerse LIVE

Ronse - Nokere 196 km

Another midweek Belgian hardman race. Traditionally the domain of the B-list fastmen.
FSA DS: Cat 6, (Top 5 , 100, 70, 50, 30, 15)

Podiumcafe wild stab in the dark: Kris Boeckmans

Official site , Startlist , Roadbook

Live video:15:00 CET (10:00 US EDT, 01:00 AUS EDT)
Video: steephill , cyclingfans , Procyclinglive , Sports Livez.

Results! The usual bunch finish was marred by a crash with 1km to go, separating out some of the contenders, but OPQS's Francesco Chicchi made it look easy. Kudos to his team for keeping him out of trouble and launching the sprint perfectly.

  1. Francesco Chicchi, OPQS
  2. Kris Boeckmans, VCD
  3. Boy Van Poppel, UHC
  4. Andre Schulze, NetApp
  5. Michael Kreder, Garmin