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Friday Open Thread: MSR Edition!

Pdc_icon_medium So much to discuss, so little beer...

  • Philippe Gilbert's dentist gave BMC the good news it has been lacking lately: that his toothache is behind him, and his body is free to be as awesome as ever. Starting now.
  • Don't like Cavendish? Say hello to the Bah Brigade! Look for them in a comment thread near you, if Sky have any say in the matter tomorrow.
  • Have you figured out who's riding for your FSA DS team tomorrow? Try BVLS's rider locator site or the startlist over at Cycling Fever. My biggest hope is Danilo DiLuca. Yeah, my team is that bad. Anyway, use this thread to bat around your team's hopes, or lack thereof.
  • Francesco Chicchi won the Handzame Classic over Marcel Kittel and Adam Blythe today in Handzame, which is in Flanders. Which raises the question about why it's not part of the FSA DS. The answer has to do with Milano-San Remo. We have enough on our plate today.
What else ya got?