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Friday Open Thread!

Happy Friday to All!

Up this weekend: Strade Bianche and Paris-Nice. Also, Three Days Lost in Flanders. In the U.S., meanwhile, the North American season is firing up with the Merco Classic. The women's race, oooh là là. It's a three-day omnium and some big names, including Kristin Armstrong, Clara Hughes, and Evie Stevens are all there. Janel Holcomb, who we met last fall, is also there riding for her new Optum-Kelly Benefits Team. Which, can I say I love their kit? I love their kit.

And on the subject of kits? Vanderkitten is presenting their 2012 kit - and stylish clothing - this Saturday evening. Watch for photo updates from Chris. Yew!

Since this is an open thread, you know what to do. Chittery-chattery until you run out of words. You can even grab a frosty beverage or several to help out with this difficult task. I'll be back later to check on your work.