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Exergy Tour Selects First 11 Teams for Inaugural Edition

In its inaugural edition, the Exergy Tour women's professional race is aiming for the stars with a team list packed with talent. The five-day stage race received a 2.1 status from the UCI earlier this year, the only race in the United States to carry such a high ranking this year. As such, it is garnering attention from a wide selection of international teams in addition to the standard bevy of domestic squads.

At the UCI Pro Team level, there are nine teams invited with both Kirstin Armstrong and Nicole Cooke, gold medalists in the 2008 Olympics Time Trial and Road Race respectively, slated as possible attendees. Other notable potential attendees are Evelyn Stevens, the United States TT champion, and Shara Gillow, the Australian TT champion.

  • ABUS-Nutrixxon (Germany)
  • Canadian National Team (Canada)
  • Exergy Twenty12 (United States)
  • Faren Honda (Italy)
  • Forno D'Asolo Colavita (Italy)
  • GreenEdge-AIS (Australia)
  • Specialized-lululemon (Germany)
  • TIBCO to the Top (United States)
  • Topsport Vlaanderen-Ridley (Belgium)

Two domestic teams on the National Racing Calendar (NRC) circuit were also invited.
  • NOW and Novartis for MS
  • Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
The Exergy Tour will run on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-28, in five Idaho cities. A total of 15 teams are expected to take part. As one of the last UCI-ranked races before Olympics selections, expect many of the top racers in the women's peleton to attend and provide some very exciting racing.