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Support Your Cafe Once More!


[Last call -- by which I mean, this is the last time I'll call you. Like any "last call" it does nothing to diminish the existence of further opportunities -- after hours donations, morning after donations, etc. It just means I'm not going to bug you guys any further. This year. Thanks to all the very, very thoughtful donations and messages received thus far! Right Mickey?]

Hey all,

Today I am announcing our annual spring fund drive, something we have done the last few years running. As has been our practice, we're asking for voluntary contributions to our operating fund, a small amount of cash we like to have on hand to pay for some of the odd fun things that pop up during the year and to go toward bringing in some race coverage that wouldn't happen without your support. For the most part, we do not ask for help covering anything, and this is hardly your local public radio station which really might have to close down if not for donated funds. The Cafe will carry on just fine, thanks to SBNation and all of the inspired work from us and from you. No, this is merely a request to help us stay at Maximum Awesomeness.

Last year, for example, you guys paid some trip expenses at Interbike, the USAPCC, and I believe one or two other places where we got awesome photo and reporting contributions. You also covered the tee shirt order -- a biggie, given the minimums involved. You continued to support prizes for the Virtual Directeur Sportif (including shipping costs, as a distressing percentage of prizes get sent to the Netherlands). You bought a flip video cam for video interviews. Some other minor stuff too. In short, you made it so the Editors could keep things running.

Help us in 2012!

This year we plan to bring the fun as much as ever. If you would like to help us with a donation of any size, please consider making a contribution via Paypal, directing your donation toward our catch-all email, If Paypal doesn't suit you and you still wish to make a contribution, please contact me at chris[at] Thank you so much for your generosity and for continuing to make this place great!