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Gracia Orlova - a wiki preview

Today sees the start of the 2012 Gracia Orlova, a 5 day, 5 stage race through the old coal mining regions of Silesia in the Czech Republic. The organisers are usually very good about getting news out, but as most of it is written in a language that I suspect no-one at the Cafe understands (although interestingly for anyone who has ever studied Latin - or seen The Life of Brian - the Czech word for Home seems to be Domů), collating it can be a fiddly process. I'm therefore setting this thread up as a dumping ground for useful links that anyone wants to share.

A good starting point is the official race website. Go here for the startlist. New director Petr Koláček (or Peter Cookie as Google calls him) has taken over the running of the race from his father and gave this interview to Czech TV a couple of days ago. I recognise the words Tatiana Guderzo, but that's about all.

Today was the time trial, won by Ellen Van Dijk, ahead of Trixi Worrack and Mel Hoskins, with what looks like a welcome return to form of Emma Trott in 5th place, and a surprise 7th for Marijn de Vries. You can read a short news report and watch an even shorter video here, and see a gallery of photos here. Any more that I find I'll add in the comments