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Liquigas for the Giro: Basso is ready

Liquigas has announced their team for the Giro d'Italia. While the Tour de France is the biggest event for most teams the home GT is absolutely the most important three weeks for the Italian powerhouse and their sponsor.

There has been some doubt about his form but now it's finally confirmed that Ivan Basso will lead the team and he is confident enough with his preparation to feel sure that he can compete for the pink jersey. This also means that Vincenzo Nibali will not change his original plans to aim for the Tour de France in July.

The full selection is: Ivan Basso, Valerio Agnoli, Eros Capecchi, Damiano Caruso, Cristiano Salerno, Maciej Bodnar, Paolo Longho Borghini, Fabio Sabatini and Sylwester Szmyd.

With Szmyd, Capecchi and Agnoli by his side Basso will have mountain support that is probably second to none. And of course, most importantly, with Basso confirmed we will be assured of the presence of the 2012 version of the Big Blue Hat at the Processo alla Tappa.