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How To Follow the Giro d'Italia

Giro-main_medium One of the best times of the year is upon us. Yay Giro! But, you will be wondering, how can I play along? Well, of course, you can come here and play with us. But also! The Giro is looking out for you. And, it's pretty cool to see how the Giro d'Italia has expanded its internet presence over the past few seasons to make the race easily accessible to all of us out here in not-Italy.

Update: The Giro d'Italia has published a schedule for worldwide Giro television coverage. Where, when - everything you need to know.

Live Streaming. There will be live streaming off each day's stage on The address redirects to Gazzetta, so don't be scared when that's where you end up. It's okay! It's just Gazzetta! And there will be streaming so you should totally watch it.

U.S. television and live stream. If you are in the U.S., and want to watch the Giro on Universal Sports, head over to the Universal Sports website for information on how to sign up. It's $19.99 for the online stream unless you have DirectTV. I think I understood that correctly, at least. Gah! Televisions! So confusing.

Phone App. There is also a Giro d'Italia phone app due momentarily from the lovely Giro people. It wil have English and Italian content. Word is that it will stream the stages to your phone like magic. Well, not totally magic when you have to pay your data bill, but you know, details shmetails. Watch the Gazzetta site for more info on the phone thingy.

Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow @giroditalia on the Twit, they post in English and Italian. Official hashtag? Why #giro, of course. Or, if you're of the Facebook persuasion, you can give them a like on the Giro page.

There. No excuses. Now you know how to follow the Giro d'Italia from start to finish!