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Whiskey Off Road: Prescott Arizona MTB Goodness.

Because every once and a while we all feel the need to get dirty I bring you WOR. The pro race is 50 miles mixed pavement, single track and fire road. Starting grid is seeded with a crit run Friday evening. What's the catch you ask? It's simple, you race what you brung. It must be a mountain bike and it must have tires wider than 1.5" (or ~38 mm) No Cross bikes here. The only change that can be made is tires for the crit. Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) and Geoff Kabush (Scott) won out in the 20 minute + 3 lap stage 1.

The Pro race on Sunday is called the 50 proof. 50 miles of MTB goodness departing and returning to Prescott's Whiskry Row. The course is roughly 25 miles climbing and 25miles descending. The back half of the course is a 1.5 (average) climb. Kabush took home top honors and 5000usd with a 2:54:59 time. He also set a new course record. In the women's race Gould went out to a commanding 4 minute lead over Monique Pua Mata (Sho-Air). After the final time check it appeared that Gould would be a shoe in for the win. Just short of the races return to pavement Gould hit a rock flatting her rear tire. Unable to get a change, and unsure of the distance to the line and the lead over Pua Mata, Gould opted to ride the flat to the line. Gould ceded her 4 minute lead, and an additional 2:34 to Pua Mata. WOR features equal payout to both men's and women's fields. A total of 30,000usd was awarded. In addition two trips to MTB SS worlds in South Africa wre raffled off.

An Old West Start for the Amateur 50 Proof on Saturday

More pics on the flip

Ponderosa Pine shaded sigle track.

The Pro Riders Meeting held in the historic Prescott Opera House.

The Fat Tire Crit was a showdown between Kelli Emmett (Giant) and Georgia Gould (Luna Chix)

Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) takes a quick dip on her way to a 4 minute lead

Aid 2: The beginning of a long descent to the lowest point in the race

The long grind

A girl, her bike, and her big check... Teal Stetson-Lee (Luna Chix)