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The Giro is coming!

Time is flying by! And, the Giro is coming up fast. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Me, I think it's the surprise stages, those stages that never look like much on the profile, but turn out for reasons of weather, team tactics, or terrain, to be exciting racing. The Giro d'Italia nearly always has one of these kinds of days.

The other thing that has me all a-jitter for the Giro? The processo. After every stage, there is an hour of postrace interview and commentary on Italy's RAI television channel. And, it's streamed live. Loooovvvee it. Because there's always something, like that one time, when Gilberto Simoni called Ivan Basso an extraterrestrial on live television? DRAMA. Really, I think Simoni should have kept racing forever just to give us postrace polemica.

Enough of me, what about you?