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Exergy Tour Photo Gallery: Specialized-lululemon sweep Kuna ITT

Specialized lululemon sweep. Amber Neben, Evis Stevens and Clara Hughes go 1-2-3 at Kuna Idaho. The leaders jersey remains in house as well, on the shoulders of Neben. Neben covered the 17 km out and back course in 21'37". Stevens and Hughes finished 16 and 19 seconds back respectively.

Neben said it was a straight forward effort, almost like riding her trainer. Most people don't ride their trainers in a driving rain. It rained in north central Idaho for the second day running. Specialized is well positioned to defend the lead in the race. Specialized lululemon also controls the top four on general classification with Neben, Stevens, Hughes and Teutenberg. Just fourteen seconds separate the three teammates. The top ten riders are all within one minute of each other.

There was no change in the category leaders jerseys.

Below the fold, more photos.

It's been wet in Idaho this week.

Ally Stacher (Specialized lululemon)

The only smile seen all day. Amber Pierce (Diadora pastaZARA)

ITT is mostly mental...

Andrea Dvorak (Exergy Twenty 12)

Amanda Miller (TIBCO) in the starthouse

All images copyright Christopher See