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Stevens Claims Exergy Tour Overall

A race that has seen the Specialized – lululemon squad prominent in the peloton, has been won by Evie Steven. She and Claudia Häusler created the final two woman break on the Boise Road Race. Early activity by Clara Hughes (Specialized – lululemon) and Taylor Wiles (Exergy Twenty 12) pushed the pace of racing. In post race comments Stevens gave credit to the enthusiastic crowds that showed up to cheer on the riders. "Let's go race our bikes" was the feeling in the field according to Stevens.

The Byrds: Local Team and Taylor Wiles Fan Club

Taylor Wiles (Exergy Twenty 12)

Hughes and Wiles stayed clear for two complete laps of the circuit that features a nonstop series of rolling climbs. The field let the two riders yoyo between 30 seconds to 1 minute, as riders were shed off the back of the peloton. Wiles was looking to Best Young Rider points, while Hughes was just trying to make the race hard to protect the teams overall standing. Hughes finally bested Wiles and the field began to close the gap for the final time. On the last pass through the feed zone, the field was together with Kristin McGrath (Exergy Twenty 12) animating. At this point the field originally 80 strong had been whittled down to 13 leaders and a string of stragglers spread over the back of the course. Amber Neben answered McGraths challenge and the pair pulled the shrinking field up to Hughes who had dropped Wiles. Evie Stevens and Claudia Häusler countered and managed to gain a minute on the field. The duo remained clear over the QOM and as the race returned to the start finish area. On the line it was Häusler over Stevens. With Jasmin Glaesser third out of the field sprint. Stevens wins the overall and the QOM. Ina Yoko Teutenberg retains the Power Bar Sprint Jersey. Glaesser finishes as St. Lukes Sports Medicines Best Young Rider. Specialzed – lululemon finishes with Stevens in the overall, Neben in second and Hughes in third.

Amanda Miller (TIBCO) grabbing a bottle on lap three after she and her team mates drove a large stretch of lap two.

Boise Local Liza Rachetto Riding for Colavita/ESPNw Takes A Bottle