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TwitRumor: Contador Leaving Saxo After Vuelta?


I debated not running this at all, but instead let's just call it a twitrumor, take it with a grain of salt, and have some fun. The website is reporting (or at least "reporting") that Alberto Contador will rejoin his most recent team Saxo Bank for the Vuelta a Espana, then split from Bjarne Riis's long-standing team in search of another team, possibly one built just for him with support from a Spanish bank.

The report contains no confirmation of a split from any reliable sources. Still, it's a good reminder about what a fluid transfer season we have coming up. Contador's original contract was slated to run through this season anyway, and though it was canceled under UCI rules following his suspension, Contador told Marca earlier this spring that he was planning to return to Saxo Bank. If this is untrue or limited to the half-season of eligibility that would have been on his original Saxo deal, then things start happening. Saxo Bank return to the brink of desperation, with little hope of a World Tour license for 2013. A new team built around the dominant stage racer would either go after an open World Tour spot or seek invites -- a more hectic but solid prospect when you have a guy like Contador on your startlist. The linked article also claims Paolo Tiralongo would jump ship from Astana to rejoin his old mate.

Stay tuned to see if this story reverberates and generates anything in the way of confirmation.