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Giro Rest day: Open thread


Just in case yo are already suffering from GT withdrawal with a rest day just three days into the GT season here is a place to sum up your thoughts of the Danish part of the Giro d'Italia and share any cranky rest/travel day tweets and news. I'm adding a few pics of my days in Herning / Horsens.


Benna pondering the intricacies of signing your name.


Gossy sharing his favorite Marmite recipes with race director Michele Aquarone.


At long last FrankenPhinney hobbled onto the stage after the stage 3 crash. Wild cheers from the crowd.


Veeral Patel, aussie photog for Cyclingtips (among others) got himself an inventive spot to cover the stage 3 sprint. See the results here.


The host cities were all decked out in pink. This gave some mixed signals though.


A somber reminder of 2011 floated in the skies above the Horsens start.