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Faces Of Exergy

Not many words just some last photos.

Evelyn Stevens: Prologue

Addy Albershardt Now and Novartis for MS: Stage 1

Geerike Schreurs - van der Breggen Sengers

More on the flip....

Alison Powers Now and Novartis for MS

Rochelle Gilmore Faren Honda

Emalia Fahlin Specialized - lululemon

Trixi Worrack Specialized - lululemon

Ina Teutenberg began tossing her podium bouquets to the crowds. This young lady was on the receiving end of one such toss in Idaho CIty

Alison Tetrick Exergy-Twenty 12

A Faren Honda fan with Nichole Cooke's Rainbow sleeve in the background. Cook crashed out of stage 4

That wraps the 2012 Exergy Tour coverage. All the photos are collected in one place at photoshelter. All photos are copyright Christopher See and no further use is allowed with out written consent of the copyright holder.