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Tour de France: Chris Horner Responds to Non-Selection

Yesterday, RadioShack-Nissan announced their Tour de France long list, and to the surprise of many observers, it did not include Chris Horner. Now predictably, the interviews are flying thick and fast. Over at Bicycling, Horner told online editor Daniel McMahon that he was "devastated" to be missing the Tour. He also explained how he found out about his non-selection. Spoiler! It was not a phone call from the team. Horner also shared some details about his back problems with Neal Rogers at VeloNews.

Horner's best result this season was second overall at Tirreno-Adriatico. Though he does not know what races he will do for the remainder of the season, his next immediate concern is the U.S. Olympic selection. Five riders will represent the U.S. in the London road race, and the announcement is due on 15 June. Horner has a history of missing out on the Olympics. None of the U.S. men have met the automatic selection criteria, so it will come down to the committee's choice.