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Friday Open Thread!

Happy Friday! I hope you have all survived the week. Crazy times, right? Andy Schleck out of the Tour, a new Armstrong case, really, it's all rather dizzying. Now that the Armstrong case has passed into the lawyer phase, it's bringing the comedy. Really, I did not know I lived in North Korea. I hear it's cold there? How's the surf?

This weekend, the Tour de Suisse heads toward its finale. Rui Costa currently leads, but there are a stack of riders within shouting distance of the jersey. Hopefully, that'll mean some bike racing this weekend. In the U.S., meanwhile, the Nature Valley Grand Prix is on. Or, it should be, after yesterday's stage was cancelled due to massive thunderstorms. Carmen Small of Optum p/b KBS leads the women's race, while Chris Murphy of Kenda/5 Hour Energy leads the men. And, if that's not enough? The Baby Giro races the Gavia on Saturday, and I know I'll be watching to see how U.S. climber Joe Dombrowski does on the big pass.

Today is also announcement day for the U.S. Olympic team. Who's on the final list? I can't wait to find out!