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So did you all survive the Big Twitter Fail today? Did you actually have to talk to real people? It was crazy. I barely survived. Actually, the internet went down ALL THE WAY in the coffee shop. So I had to talk on the phone. Which, was weird.

Meanwhile, the Editor People have been hiding in our inboxes making Big Plans for that Race Around France. It involves a Yellow Jersey, I think. (Although, I've recently been informed that Nobody capitalizes Yellow Jersey. Except maybe me.) Seriously, people, my inbox looks like a nuclear war. But there is some good stuff in there. We even made a spreadsheet.

So while we're putting the finishing touches on our Big Plan, who's got news? I saw that Amber Neben won the U.S. national time trial championship earlier today. Evie Stevens finished second, Alison Powers was third. What have I missed while I've been lurking about my inbox? Talk to me, people!