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Friday Open Thread!

Happy Friday! So, this Tour de France, are you liking it? I'm not sure I'm convinced long time trials are the way to go in constructing an exciting grand tour. But I do like the idea of a mixture of courses that suit different riders. So, well, I think I just talked myself into liking this year's Tour. How about you?

And how about some favorite moments? I think my favorite so far was Thibault Pinot's win. I thought Marc Madiot was going to fall out of the car. You have to wonder if there were dents in the side of that thing after all the pounding he did in the final kilometers. Anyway, I thought that stage finish was rad. I'm also liking the hint of polemica and rivalry brewing on the Wiggins-Froome front. Anyone think Froome's going to go all Cunego on Wiggins? That would be a plot twist, wouldn't it? That kind of thing, it adds an extra bit of spice to the proceedings.

Hey, so I hope you're all enjoying the July party. Because you know, it only happens once a year. Happy Friday!