Sarah & Omne Ep8 - The Giro Donne Epic Spectacular


Wow, well the Giro Donne is ongoing and it's already been a hell of a week of racing. As Sarah catches us up on the race so far, I run through a brief list of the injuries that Marianne Vos started the race with and very carefully avoid defining a "selfie". I do take some time to introduce Sarah to the important health concept of medicinal beer and then caution against drinking and riding. Sarah forces me to admit that some of my best friends are, in fact, Australians. Sarah introduces me to the notion of 'stealth hills' and melting roads before forgetting her own twitter name. It's a good one, so let's get on with it! (54:25min / 49.82MB) (as ever, it's a bit sweary so NSFW and all that) Here are some of the links from various things we reference as we go: The Giro Donne race twitter, which is live tweeting from the race and their website. Amber Pierce's twitter and she's doing her video chats on the Fuji Bike's facebook app. Sarah's twitter list of riders and teams in the Giro, and sources of information about them. And of course the Podium Café Giro Donne articles and the women's cycling section. Clara Hughes' blog on pain and suffering on the Specialized-lululemon website.