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From Yellow to Gold : The Wiggo-summer of 2012 : part 2 - the Olympics


Oh dear...

On saturday 28 th of july , I went London to 'try' to make some pictures of the Men Olympic Road Race order to make a picture-coverage of the atmosphere overthere. What very much suprised me was the fact that the English fans seemed to find it very normal ( in fact they were sure ..) that Cavendish was going to win and to give Great Britain his first gold of the Olympics 2012 ... I discussed with a copple of English fans , they were 100 % sure of a Golden Cav .. This showed to me that the British still don't understand 'road-cycling' - they think it's like soccer , athletics or track ( where normally the best guy always wins ..) but it's very difficult to make them understand that..cycling is also a matter of tactics !!!

Up to the pics :


Nearby the Olympic village a huge Chris Hoy is watching the crowd , Sir Hoy as Big Brother himself ...


So , is this - according to the Londoners - how 'cycling' finally existed ...???


Up to the race now , i managed to get me a spot in the crowd at about 6 kilometers from the finish near Putney Bridge . Some pictures of the huge crowd along the road overthere ..



great spot up there - he must have had a great view !


To the race ..

Vino and Uran had just set up the decisive attack ..

Olympics_london_2012_a_166_medium Olympics_london_2012_a_177_medium

Followed by group 1

Olympics_london_2012_a_188_medium Olympics_london_2012_a_222_medium

and finally the peloton .....


where Mister Wiggins had his turbo on full-going ...


...and also testing for 4 days later where he would finally give team GB the gold


Gold that Mister Vino took away that saturday-afternoon and so turned the whole British nation into deep sadness ..

NO 'RULE BRITTANIA' on 28-07-2012 !


Patrick Verhoest-Flanders

all pics : © PVerhoest 2012