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Vårgårda World Cup - LIVE!-ish

Sunday 19th August, 13:00 CEST, 12:00 BST, 08:00 USA Eastern, 10pm Sydney Australia

It's the Vårgårda Road Race - the penultimate round of the women's road World Cup, a year-long competition that includes some of the most exciting day races on the women's calendar! Vårgårda is always a brilliant race - 11 laps of a circuit with a hill, always a battle between the breakaway queens and the super-strong sprinters. I love this race, and this year we get to see it live!!! have a stream on their site!!! They say there'll be video, and click "play" on the radio player to hear Swedish people commentating the race (probably)

Well, actually, I'm not so sure it really does deserve all those exclamation marks, because this is one of those livestreams where we'll know what we get when we see it. In 2010, the "livestream" was a really clever solution of fixed point cameras around various points of the course, and the coverage was a Swedish radio show updating on the race in between songs, and showing the video as the riders passed by. Very creative, but a little frustrating to non-Swedes. This year could be anything from a fixed finish-line camera to a motorbike - we just don't know yet!

It'll be fun to find out, though, so join me in this live-ish thread, and we can find out together! Click the page anyway, to show the Swedes we care, and if the worst comes to the worst, we can fill the thread with the updates we find on twitter - it'll be fun!

I wrote more on the Vårgårda races, and what they mean for the Road World Cup, in my race preview, which has links to some great videos from previous years. Click through and read it!