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Lotto Decca Tour

25th-27th August

I made my mind up, back in Chelsea
When I go I'm going like Elsie

The Lotto Cycling Cup, the group of races that also serve as a league for Belgian women, comes to an end this weekend with a brand new three day stage race, the Lotto Decca Tour (Breendonk was originally scheduled for 17th September but has slipped off the calendar). Each of the three stages is a circuit race based around one start/finish town, so there are plenty of opportunities for locals to catch the race as it passes. Day one (Saturday) was at Nijlen, day two will be six laps around Grembergen (although the start in nearby Dendermonde makes the first lap a few km longer), then day three takes the whole series out with a bang with five laps (well four and seven eighths if you want to be picky) around a town by the name of Geraardsbergen. Sounds familiar? Laps two and three take Oude Steenweg to the top, while laps four and five head straight to the Muur. Go here to download some nice pdfs with maps and profiles. We'll add anything else we find later in the comments, so keep checking back.