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Friday Open Thread!

Happy Friday! Not feeling happy? I highly recommend reading this list from Vanderkitten pro Bridie O'Donnell: Ten Things I Love About Cycling.

Sing it, Sister! Those are all things to love. Me, I like a long ride on a hot summer day. Especially when it's all over and I can lie on the couch and drink a cold can of Coke. These are things we love.

Also, this is my last Friday Open Thread here at the Cafe. So, you better make it a good one. Yes, my friends, it's time to head off for some new adventures, and I'm stopping as your editor chick on 1 September. That's like, tomorrow and stuff.

It's been super fun hanging here, causing trouble with you all. But all good things must turn into other good things. Some Greek dude wrote that. Kid. You. Not. I'll be around. Like, I'm sending you stories from Interbike in Vegas soon.

And if something fun crosses my path, I'll come over here and share it. Because fun is meant to be shared.

Be Happy!