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LIVE: Queen Stage @ Burgos: Climbyfest!

Spain_mediumVuelta a Burgos- In case you are late arriving...

You missed something that looked suspiciously like echelons last stage, a cobbled finish the stage before and two stages of Dani Moreno powering up cat 3 finishing climbs that the Big Vuelta is so famous for. Now comes the Queen stage and before we get to that, lets get a couple of links up here:

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So. Let's set the stage with the top 17 on GC and for today's finale, eliminate all of the non-climby guys:

  1. Dani Moreno
  2. Matti Breschel :15
  3. Stefano Garzeli :14
  4. Tom Dumoulin :19
  5. Nacer Bouhanni :20
  6. Danielle Ratto :22
  7. Eros Capecchi :22
  8. Rob Gesink :27
  9. Jeremie Galland :30
  10. Sergio Henao :32
  11. Gio Visconti :36
  12. Johan Chaves Rubio :38
  13. Gorka Verdugo :45
  14. Jennifer Grey :46
  15. Javier Moreno :48
  16. Alexandre Geinez :49
  17. Bauke Mollema :50
On the jump is the stage profile.


And the final climb:


Okay. This is serious. 9.7 km, next to last km averaging 12.1%, topping out with a 17% section. One tough undulating climb.