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2013 Giro d'Italia Stage to Finish on Galibier

Yep, that's not a typo. The Giro. Topping out at a legendary French climb. It is from Sui Juris, and his access to alcohol is as liberal as his politics. My recollection about Interbike is that the brochure stands start getting replaced by kegs around 3pm, especially on Cross Vegas day. So take it for what it is. But the Giro promised to roll out some big news about next year's race in Vegas, and they've done that.


Photo by Will: New Pantani monument 3 kms below Galibier summit

[Update] According to VeloNews, the idea is to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Marco Pantani's glorious ride to Yellow in the 1998 Tour. Because that sends such an excellent message. Also on the menu will be Mont Cenis and the Col du Telegraphe. Cue analysis of these climbs by WillJ in 3... 2...

EDIT: After the jump, some brief thoughts from Will and an explanation why Galibier perhaps isn't even the most exciting news about this stage (with pictures to prove it):

Well that is exciting news.

First, while many of you will be familiar with Galbier, but the climb over the Italian / French border - via Col du Mont Cenis is also quite special. A (beautiful) monster. The Italian side of Mont Cenis is the longer, harder side. Not easy:



At the top is a huge dam creating a lovely lake -- entirely on the French side of the border. The hairpins up to the dam are "sexy" indeed:


And the lake itself:


After Mont Cenis they will descend into the Maurienne valley -- perhaps the best valley in Europe for big and famous climbs (including Iseran, Croix de Fer, Madeleine, Glandon, Galibier, etc. - wow).

The Giro is not stupid. They have chosen the "best" north side of Galibier via Col du Télégraphe.

Last year, I wrote a Podium Cafe article on the History of Galibier to celebrate its 100th year in the Tour.

It's "only" 35 kilometres from botton to top:


Last year fans of Pantani erected a monument (see above) to Pantani on a hairpin below the Col. He's still a popular rider in these parts .. remembered among other things his great 1998 victory at Les Deux Alpes (which still holds a Pantani Cyclosportive) after first conquering Galibier. Pantani would go on to win the 1998 Tour.

Video of Galibier and Pantani.

Recall, last year, the Tour de France summit finish on Galibier became the highest stage finish in Tour history. The Giro has finished higher --- atop Stelvio. But that's it. This will be exciting.

Podium Cafe Cabin Boy Jens scouting the Giro route - above the Galibier tunnel: