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Giro di Toscana Internazionale Femminile - in Video

I really meant to write a preview for this race as it's one of the highlights of the end of the season. Even if it always makes me a little sad because it is the end of the season. Still given the choice between 150 not really very serious words from me and two and a half hours of video (and that's to date - the last stage isn't yet up) I'm pretty sure what most of you would opt for. So enjoy:

The Prologue - 25 minutes

Stage 1 - 35 minutes

Stage 2 - 50 minutes

Stage 3 - 35 minutes

Stage 4 - 35 minutes

Courtesy of Italian TV channel Toscana Sprint. And if you enjoy those then they've lots more. Look under the heading CATEGORIE VIDEO on the right of the page, choose the category (they're roughly in age order) then click on blue for the boys and pink for the girls.