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LIVE: Giro d'Italia 2013 Route presentation

Don't miss the Giro d'Italia presentation in Milan today. The event will be livestreamed via GazzettaTV at 13:40 CEST and is always a fun spectacle guaranteed to make you dream of May and wince at the horrible fashion choices.

The time of year has come for route presentations. First off is the Giro who, under the new helm of Michele Acquarone, is trying to turn itself into the most modern and fan-accessible Grand Tour and also one that will attract the sports biggest stars. Already the most beautiful of the three GTs it is no longer content with being an internal Italian affair with the occasional international guest appearance. The goal is clearly to at least come close to rivaling the Tour de France in prestige and capacity to get the greatest riders to target the Giro.

We know some stuff already. We know the race starts in Napoli, there will be a stage over the Mont Cenis and finishing on the Galibier , the race will feature the south of Italy more prominently than last year. There are also rumors of a finish on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and a crazy Gavia/Stelvio double-header stage. Vediamo!

Live video: GazzettaTV at 13:40 CEST (07:40 US EDT , 21:40 AUS EST)